Love is not the only purpose of your life.

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From our favorite songs to our favorite shows, love is portrayed as an exquisite grace of God, and we the mortals are always supposed to be in search of that hypothetically existing perfect partner, every second of our existence. It's like we are supposed to work hard, look good, earn more just to be capable of being desirable to someone else and so I ask Why though? Love just like any other earthly possession is perishable and just like any other materialistic object never seems enough, and always ends up being a compromise.

We, humans, have an inherent tendency to live and exist as a group, hence the tendency for societal acceptance and seeking out others' affection is just a part of our existence. Love hence which creates the strongest bond of all links us the most and thereby is the most desirable or sought after. The above concept is the only explanation on why even when you might already have a loving family with parents siblings cousins etc we still tend to go out in search of love from a stranger and put so much effort and our precious time into building that new relationship. The factors playing in here are simply put, the desire to reproduce combined with the natural intent of finding affection from others.

Some might argue the purpose of life is simply to find a partner and enjoy our very own existence, but then I ask Is that all? Is that all there is to have a life or there is something more? The idea of individual life loses significance once we start looking at humans as a single entity living on a small planet, residing in a minuscule solar system part of an even minute galaxy compared to others. The idea comes into significance only when the concept of life is merged with the way we percept ourselves and our surrounding we define our reality and existence and that perhaps is one of the only reason that our lives have value because we are able to see feel and understand ourselves the way we want.

This life is not a gift it was our right and it has so much to offer and that's why nothing seems enough because nothing is enough, love is also among one of those, so seek out love, but don't accept it as a necessity. Cause your life has so much more to offer. Learn, Think, create, love, and most importantly live.




In pursuit of knowledge and happiness.

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Sushant Tiwari

Sushant Tiwari

In pursuit of knowledge and happiness.

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